September 21, 2020

SSVFX Opens Offices in Los Angeles & London

The Ireland based Visual Effects studio behind some of the VFX work in “The Irishman” and “Captain Marvel” have opened new offices in Los Angeles and London.

The Los Angeles office will be headed up by Executive Producer Eric Kohler, who has been with the studio since 2016, while the London operation will be overseen by the team in Dublin. SSVFX’s global day-to-day operations are managed by Head of VFX Ed Bruce and Eric Kohler. Bruce also serves as the Senior Visual Effects Supervisor, overseeing all creative aspects worldwide. Recent SSVFX credits include “Game of Thrones”, “Watchmen” and “The Favourite” to name a few.

SSVFX is an award winning Visual Effects studio with deep roots in Dublin and is part of the Screen Scene Group, delivering Post, Sound and VFX for over 35 years.

Screen Scene Group Managing Director Jake Walshe comments. “We are proud of our Irish roots and Dublin will always be HQ, our goal to bring US based high level feature film and episodic drama to Dublin and have them access the 481 Tax Break for visual effects has been very successful.  From a client perspective LA and London are strategic hubs and with 95% of our clients base coming out of the US it is important for us to facilitate that market place and have face to face contact in that geography. The London office will also give us the flexibility to work with our client base when they are locked into a UK tax break. Eric has been a fantastic asset to the business since joining us in 2016 and I am confident our client base will appreciate Eric’s strong work ethic and positive attitude whilst driving great creative output on time and on budget”.

SSVFX will continue to focus on delivering a wide variety of VFX work and have gained industry recognition for their ground-breaking De-Aging effects. “We’ve a long history of crafting workflows and tools to support the ever growing demands and needs of our clients, from shooting support to post”.  Ed Bruce comments. “One new innovation is the marker less and fully 2D approach to age reduction and youthening utilising proprietary and state of the art technologies developed in-house.”

The studio will continue to be headquartered in Dublin, which allows productions the opportunity to capitalize on Ireland’s 32% tax rebate, while now offering the UK’s 25% tax rebate to compliment it.

SSVFX employs a crew of 100 worldwide, with the capacity to expand.  Upcoming projects include “Black Widow”, “Cruella” and “WandaVision” with many other exciting projects slated to release in 2021. 

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